Indian Head & Warm Oil Back Massage

A relaxing and nurturing warm oil massage designed to calm the nervous system and ease muscle tension. During this treatment you will enjoy a combination of Indian & Swedish techniques which will leave you feeling truely refreshed and relaxed.

€65 – 60mins


Muscle Melt Back Massage 

A deeply relaxing & stress relieving massage of the back, neck & shoulders. Melt away tension with specific massage techniques & pressure point release. Is also helpful for treatment of migraines, sinusitis, insomnia, stiff neck, back pain etc..   An absolute must as a regular treatment for everyone!.

€40 – 30 mins


Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage is based on the ancient Indian healing system. A deeply meditative and relaxing treatment applied to the head, face, neck & shoulders. Along with inducing feelings of calmness & clarity, it can also help reduce muscle tension, stimulate circulation, alleviate headaches & improve eye strain. 

*Use of therapeutic  oils is optional.

€40 – 30 mins


Swedish Body Massage

A full body massage working on the superficial layers of muscles, using long fluid movements based on traditional Swedish techniques. Excellent for relaxation, tension relief, backache and stiff or aching muscles – a great tonic for all systems, leaving the body feeling loose & with a sense of deep relaxation.

€65 – 60 mins


Holistic Body Massage

This luxurious massage is both relaxing and healing on the body, mind & spirit.  The treatment begins with your therapist placing a combination of energy charged healing crystals on various points along the body, also known as ‘chakras’ or ‘energy centres’. This is followed by a therapeutic full body massage which is greatly enhanced with a signature blend of pure essential oils. 

€70 – 60 mins


Ayurvedic Body Massage

An ancient Indian Massage Technique using long rhythmical movements to detox the body & mind. Carefully chosen oils and herbs are combined to create a customised treatment for your specific needs.  This full body treatment includes a therapeutic face & scalp massage, leaving you with a complete sense of balance & serenity.

€80 – 75 mins



Pre / Post-Natal Massage

A wonderful way to heal & ease the discomforts experienced during and after pregnancy – suitable for 2nd & 3rd trimesters and six weeks post birth. This is a deeply relaxing treatment which is performed in a side-laying position for your ultimate comfort. 

€65 – 55 mins

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymphatic drainage (LDM) stimulates the detoxification process to rid the body of toxins and greatly enhances the immune system. The therapist uses feather light rhythmic strokes and soft pumping movements to cleanse & re-balance the body. A suitable treatment during pregnancy to help relieve any swelling; aids with slimming & weight-loss programs; gives great relief to sufferers of sinusitis or chronic nasal congestion; and much much more..

€40 – 30 mins / €70 – 60 mins


Lighter Legs Massage

Relieve tension from tired feet & legs. This relaxing treatment Includes soakexfoliation & hydrating massage, improving circulation, reducing swelling, leaving feet & legs feeling cool and refreshed.

€40 – 40 mins