Reflexology is a complimentary therapy which helps promote wellness throughout the whole body. The treatment works by stimulating the reflex points of the feet, encouraging the body’s own healing process. Can be used to treat many ailments such as digestive issues, pain management, sinusitis, insomnia, anxiety, fertility issues & more..

 €45 – (45 mins )


Reiki Energy Healing

A gentle yet powerful healing therapy which works in conjunction with all other medical & psychological treatments.
The client lays fully clothed while the therapist performs a series of hand movements using Reiki energy to bring the body into balance and promote general well-being.
 €50 – (50 mins)

Rising Star Healing

The Rising Star Healing System™ is a simple yet extraordinarily powerful healing system sourced from ancient Tibetan lineages.
It raises the vibration of the aura (human energy field) to hold more life force energy so it can re-balance disease in the body.
  €70 – (1 hr)